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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  January 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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s. l. >> announcer: >> nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, the deep freeze. there's no end in sight as we start the weekend. and now we're tracking ice and snow. >> gun battles. hostages taken, terrorists killed. all of this unfolded today in paris. tonight, dozens in philadelphia paid their respect to victims in france. >> a mother missing since new year's eve. police talk to her husband. now he's vanished, too. >> good evening. >> tonight, another blast of cold air. nbc 10 in upper darby tonight. as if it hasn't been cold enough
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this week another night of feeling below zero. and, tomorrow morning x inging u, it's a first alert weather day. >> sheena parveen is tracking the cold storm ahead. >> a very cold temperature setting in for us. a first alert is out tonight into tomorrow morning. by the time you wake up early tomorrow, some parts of the area will be feeling below zero degrees again. and, as we go into monday, we're talking about an icy threat of weather with our next storm moving in. it feels like 16 in philadelphia feels like 17 in millville. as we go into tomorrow morning, it is once again going to feel a lot colder. once again, our feels-like temperature, these numbers keep dropping through the overnight hours and waking up saturday morning, 8:00 9:00 close to 17 degrees with the windchill in
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philadelphia early tomorrow morning, will be feeling just below 150ebe bezero degrees. coming up i'm show you the timing on the icy weather next week. all weekends long on the nbc 10 news&weather app. it's free, jaus be sure to download on your smart devices. >> now, to the terror in paris france. tonight,an tonight,and an up dated worldwide travel warning. french police continue to search for a woman who they say helped one of the shooters attack a jewish deli. all three of the suspected gunmen are dead including the kouachi brothers. an al-qaida member in yemen says the group ordered the attack. nbc 10's george spencer is
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following the events tonight in philadelphia. >> the french president saluted police and called for unity against fanatics. union officials said one of the suspected attackers trained with al-qaida in yemen. right now, the nervous nation is hoping this terror spree is finally over. >> reporter: in the city of america's independence a different red, white and blue was flying tonight. this crowd of nearly 200 showing their support for the french people and the ideals of open democracy which 245i say are under fire. >> you know, it feels like we are on war. >> reporter: she moved with her family to swarthmore only six months ago. police ended a 7-hour hostage siege today with nearly simultaneous raids. killing two brothers cherif and quaid kouachi.
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12 people were gunned down. a police officer was assassinated yesterday and four hostages were killed today at a kosher markt. right now, the woman is still at large and concerns linger about copy cat attacks. >> the world seeing, once again what terrorists stand for. they have nothing to offer by hatred and human suffering. >> this is a way for people to express their solidaritltlkp! udents stud sdiying in temple, solidarity is important. >> i lived in paris for six months so i saw exactly where it happened. >> some of the surviving hostages were injured. the french president has called for a national march of unity coming up on sunday. jim and jacquleline.
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>> we sent out alerts to hundreds of people this morning who have the abc 10 app. >> sky first 10 flew over breaking news in gloucester about 15 minutes ago. authorities tell us firefighters rescue two people from this house fire. medics took both victims to the hospital with burns. this is washington avenue in monroe township. we don't know yet what started the fire. >> more breaking news a gas main break forcing people living here on west birch street out into the cold tonight. pgw was there. they're trying to fix the problem. no one was hurt. >> a mt. laurel mother missing for ten days and now her husband vanished after police question him. she has ties to cam debden and gloucester counties but, so far, no word from her.
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>> reporter: this restaurant here behind me is the last place that she was seen dining with her husband before she disappeared. tonight, that woman's family says they are worried. they tell us she wouldn't just get up and leave her two young daughters behind. >> we need her. her kids need her. >> there is no consoling janiah crippen. she's worried because her sister has been missing since new year's eve. >> tonight, loved ones gathered outside her apartment in mt. mt. lauer lerksel to pass out fliers. bull her relatives tell us they are fearing the worse especially now, that her husband, kyle crosby has vanished. >> we're just praying for answers. we just want her to come home. >> the 26-year-old lab tech posted a new photo at 10:50 on
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face book facebook, but she hasn't been seen or heard from since. erica's family think something is terribly wrong. they think it's strange kyle disappeared just after police questioned him. the family tells us when they went into the house wednesday night, they found erica's koet purse and keys. >> when i was inside the sheets were off the bed, it was a wreck inside. >> we found out kyle does have a criminal past on drug and aggravated assault charges. and, now, all her family wants is annals. >> we care about erica. we need her here. dead or alive, we want her. >> now, also missing is erica's red ford taurus. similar to the one you see on your screen. tonight, police ask if you know
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anything about this case, you are urged to give them a call. we're live in cherry hill new jersey tonight, nbc 10 news. >> state officials shut down a montgomery county daycare as police investigate the death of a baby girl. she died monday. the department of human services launched an investigation that says so far, it's found more than a dozen violations at the daycare center. we contacted the daycare and are still waiting to hear back. >> pae pa's attorney general is fighting back against calls for her impeachment, amid reports she could face criminal charges. kane says, "i did knock illegal. period. this'm e seems to me to be another political attack on my attempt to clean up harrisburg and its political culture. they have fought me all the way, including an effort to impeach
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me." and this all comes after a report that an investigating grand jury is recommending charges against kane for link ing to the media. >> the f.b.i. is luking into will petraeus gave paula broadwell access to classified information. petraeus has denied giving up classified information. >> new at 11:00, organizers said they wanted to do something to counter balance recent anti-police protests. so they dressed in blue and made sure officers everywhere knew they're appreciated.
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>> after 28 years of being on the force, thank god he came home every night after his shift. >> organizers of tonight's rally chose today because it is national law enforcement appreciation day. >> tonight the camden county health department confirms nicole bourn's death from the flu. nicole did not get the flu shot. she was a healthy former college athlete. her two children got sick around christmas and then she got the flu. warren went to the emergency room last friday. two days later, she was dead. in delaware 11 people have died from the flu this season. there have been 1300 confirmed cases of the illness. health officials are urging people to get vaccinated and wash their hands often. >> fire fiegtsd
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. fire fight firefighters and paramedics will soon get more money in their contracts. it inskreescreases 9% overr over five years and more can now live outside the city. the deal will cost philadelphia about $70 million. >> three people have been shot at a hotel in the poconos. this video just in from pocono township. this took place at a travelodge on rt. 611. they tell us there's no threat to the public. >> expect to see new jersey governor chris christie at the cowboys game this weekend. krarks hristie faced criticism for several trips to watch the cowboys on jerry jones' dime. some called it a violation of ethics. new at 11:00, the city of wild wood has a new police chief. this is a photo of captain robert ragabudo's swearing in
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ceremony today. he has worked in the department since 1989. >> two years of free community college. we told you about president obama's expected announcement last night. today, he made it official. any american could take advantage if they can maintain the grades. the federal government would pay for it but republicans are balling at the cost. $60 billion over 10 years. the president will release more details about the cost next month. >> another blast of frigid temperatures returns for your weekend. i'm also tracking a storm heading our way that will cause icy conditions if the winter weather will impact your time off. >> plus, as you head out of the cold, i'm checking to see how you can bundle up to stay warm and protect your health. >> then, driving 24 miles an hour over the speed limit with no flashing lights or sirens. now, we're learning more about the police car accident that killed this young boy and why the south jersey officer blind
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the wheel won't face charges.
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74 miles per hour that's how fast a franklin township police officer was going when he hit and killed a 10-year-old boy in gloucester county last month. today, investigators revealed the officer will not face criminal charges. but the officer's actions will be under administrative review. matthew mcclousky was in a foot race across delsea drive when the officer hit him. the accident happened three days after christmas. investigators say the officer's headlights were on but not his emergency lights or sirens. he was on his way to a non-emergency call for an unruling juvenile. >> new at 11:00 thieves are breaking into cars and swiping credit cards out of atlantic county: investigators say they breek broke into several vehicles in galloway township. >> another loss for atlantic city.
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the at lantic city race course will close its track for good next week. back in the day, stars like frank sin aerks tra and bob hope were regulars there. it opened in 19d 46. 1946. but, over the years, horse races began to struggle and so did the track. >> speaking of struggle some people are really feeling the winter blues with this deep freeze, right? >> not everyone feels stuck inside. nbc 10's kooet jones found people hitting the very cold pavement tonight. >> let me show you something here behind me. the schuylkill river isn't moving. the top level, just frozen. so close to the dam, even. one other thing we found tonight, taking a look at kelly drive here, it's not stopping people from being active. from flowing and picturesque to frozen solid. the wissahickon creek is a sheet
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of ice. it's cold enough to freeze the schuylkill, but not intimidate runners. >> anything inspires me. i'm out here in this cold and it makes me want to keep going. >> reporter: pushing for mile 8, he's not phased by the cold. >> you're on a yun cycle? >> yes, yes, i am. >> you have to pedal the whole time. there's no cruising like on a bike. >> runners like sandra price. >> remember the poconos where this was just normal winter weather? >> she says the body cold is invigorating under several layers of clothes. >> these are sort of warm that i have on. i have on two layers of fleece and a t-shirt under that. >> i think a lot of our viewers may say where's your hat? >> i don't like hats. >> but health officials always say cover your hands, feet and head in the cold. the threat of hypeothermia is
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there even if you're shoveling snow. >> you've got to stay active to stay warm. >> i'm definitely not cold. i have gloves on my hands will get cold because they're not moving a whole lot. >> only in philadelphia, kooet jones, nbc 10 news. >> i wouldn't be doing fine on one wheel, that much i know. and not in this cold, either. >> no it blows my mind how many people you see out there, regularly. >> i guess they're used it. sheena mr cold to come? >> i don't understand any of that. but i've definitely seen it. and they look fine; they're used to it. so if you really like running in temperatures that feel below zero you're really going to like tomorrow morning. it is a first alert weather warning because of this more bitter weather moving in when we go into tomorrow morning for parts of the area. and then we have an icy threat as we go into monday morning just in time to start off the workweek.
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so come monday morning, be very careful on the roadways. right now, temperatures are in the teens. 26 degrees in philadelphia. 18 degrees right now in potstown. south jersey and delaware temperatures are in about the mid 20s chlts but when you factor in that bit of wind we have around, it feels quiet a bit colder. it feels like the single dijtss for reading and allen town. it feels like 16 degrees right now in philadelphia when you walk outside. it feels like 18 degrees in dover. come tomorrow morning starting off your weekend it is going to feel quiet a bit colder than that. so once again, these are pretty dangerous levels across parts of the area. as we go overnight, watch these numbers as they drop off here. into early tomorrow morning, that's when we see temperatures areas north and west approach the minus mark there. 8 a.m. minus 4 in allen town, 2 degrees in philadelphia 1 degrees in millville. 1 degree in dover. this is what it's going to feel like when you walk outside
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tomorrow morning. it is going to be a cold start to your weekend. through saturday afternoon, feeling like the teens north and west you will be feeling like single digits. if you have plans saturday night by 10:00, en10 degrees through most of the area. aside from the bitter cold that will be setting in for your saturday, we at least will be staying dry through the week. so, even by sunday we're not going to be as cold as saturday but we will still be cold and dry, too. then we go into monday morning, 7:00 a.m. chlts you a.m.:00 a.m. you notice the pink around the flt area north and west. freezing rain is expected. south jersey and delaware, you're expected to have just rain: and then through the afternoon, it's all pretty much rain kpept partedfarther north and west. roads will be slippery monday morning. then tonight, still have the bitter winds around. 14 for the low for philadelphia. feeling quite a bit colder tomorrow morning.
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feeling like anywhere from zero to 10 degrees for most of the day. 22-25 degrees through the afternoon. but at least we stay sunny and dry through the weekend. so that is the good news. there you see monday, the icy mix rolls in. be very careful again on the roadways. dry tuesday and wednesday, but, thursday, that's our next round of wintry weather. >> thanks, sheena. coming up in sports we've got chip kelly like you've never seen him before. and what got the sixer g.m. so excited to be the edd tonight? what a sixer's finish. that is next.
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a sleep number store. right now find the lowest prices of the season, with the c3 queen mattress set only $1199.98. know better sleep with sleep number. . i'm joan clark. the sixers are coming off what coach brett brown called their poorest game of the season.
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they respond tonight in brooklyn. here we go. they're down as many as 13 in the second half of the fourth quarter, robert covington draining the three. sixers within one. then tony rowden with the lay-up and foul. sixers now have the lead. sixers excited. time running out. ncw to noel. a dunk with three seconds to go. sixers win 90-88. they've won two of three. >> i felt greatl6i all smiles, you know. they still dancing in there right now. we're having a great time. we're going to enjoy it. but we've got a back-to-back tomorrow, so we've got to get focused. >> have you ever seen this before. two second e seconds left on the shot clock. he has to tip it. he actually just slaps it up into the bas ket. that is wild. the sixers did suspend andre
11:26 pm
caralinko for not reporting. flyers are going to be without nick grossman for three weeks. andrew mcdonald will be back tomorrow on defense. eagle's coach chip kelly just got all the football power with the eagles. and now he just got his own commercial. he, of course, is selling chips. >> hey, guys, chip kelly here. hey, it's eagle's coach, chip kelly. >> chip you are just so much fun, not you chip kelly, the other one. >> come on. >> hey, chip it's 4th and 1, what should we do? >> huh? >> brian, you know we only buy -- >> just don't double dip, chip. now, emanuel macho is going back. to the prom.
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emanuel replied yes, but she would have to get 10,000 tweets. she got'm within 10 minutes. i'm john clark, we're right back.
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finally tonight, they're hooping it up in delaware county. >> we first told you back in september, shellystrong, that was the rallying cry tonight. michael shelly has missed his freshman year here as he bravely battles limphoma. probably the best medicine he can get, really healing. >> we need to try to stay warm this weekend. >> we, yes need to stay warm, especially tomorrow morning. it is going to feel arnold 0 degrees through most of the area. bitter cold, some areas north and west feeling below zero.
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sunday we're still cold but ten degrees warmer than saturday. we're still around freezing. icy mix comes monday morning. remember that as you head out to work. >> have a great weekend. good night.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- don cheadle kate bosworth musical guest, lecrae


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